High-Quality Window Films and Car Customization Products

Proudly Serving Kailua-Kona for Over 30 Years

C-Thru Window Tinting uses only high-quality window films and car customization products. With any business that is recognized as being the Best Of Hawaii, it requires key ingredients and a recipe for success. We have been proudly serving residents of Kailua-Kona and throughout Hawaii for over 30 years. At the top of the ingredient list for being the region’s preferred window film and customization service provider sits the best high quality window films.
We are an authorized dealer and installer of 3M™, one of the leading window tint and film manufacturers for autos, boats, residential, and commercial applications.
We Are Honored to Be the Authorized Installers of the
We install premium products including:
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3M™ Window Tints and Films for Residential & Commercial Applications
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Computer Cut Window Tinting
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High-Quality Customized Wet
Okole Seat Covers
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WeatherTech® Laser-Measured Cargo Liners, Floor Mats, & More
C-thru Window Tinting Uses Only

High-Quality 3M™ Solar Window Film Installation in Kailua-Kona

3M™ has been manufacturing high-quality solar window films for over five decades. This innovative company is a global leader in adhesive and window film technology. 3M™ is committed to constantly improving the lives of people around the world by their dedication to constant innovation. 3M™’s premium films are used daily to enhance the lives of millions of people.
The superior construction and performance of 3M products improve the products that you use by making them safer and lighter. By decreasing glare and solar infiltration, 3M™’s window tints and films enhance visibility for nighttime driving, improve productivity by decreasing glare on consumer electronics, protect fabrics from fading, help decrease the harmful effects of the sun on human skin and eyes, help consumers save money on energy expenditures, and much more.
• Comfort and protection
• Comfort comes standard
• Engineered to enhance