Professional Commercial Window Tinting Service in Hawaii

Kailua-Kona Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord of a commercial building in Kailua-Kona or throughout Hawaii, there are many benefits to having your windows professionally tinted or decoratively enhanced:
Worker comfort icon for C-Thru Window Tinting in Kailua-Kona HI
Worker Comfort
Reduce glare on computer screens and minimize solar hot spots
Energy Savings icon for C-Thru Window Tinting in Kailua-Kona HI
Energy Savings
Save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun. Energy rebates available when you do the energy savings.
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Stylish and textured films provide privacy without sacrificing natural light
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Crime Prevention
Impede the quick access that smash-and-grab thieves are looking for
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Design Flexibility
Decorative window films are a fraction of the cost of etched glass, plus they are easily changed to meet tenant preferences
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Reduce Energy Cost
When combined with lighting controls, reduce your lighting energy usage by as much as 52% from your baseline
Free On-Site Consultation &

Custom Window Film Installation With a Great Warranty

C-Thru Window Tinting offers the highest quality custom window films and window tinting service for our commercial/business customers.
  • Installation of high performance window film to greatly reduce heat, glare, and fading
  • All types of windows– with convenient on-site installations available
  • Strong factory backed warranties
  • Computer-cut technology for precision fit
  • Authorized sales and service of the best brands in the industry
Reduce Your Energy Cost

Increase Energy Savings and Comfort Year-Round With 3M™ Window Film

Are your tenants complaining about rooms that are too hot or cold? Are your energy costs rising? If so, 3M™ Window Films can help with these issues, as well as offering additional protection against accidents, breaking and entry, natural disasters, and flying glass fragments from bomb blasts. In addition, these durable films can help upgrade your glass to meet code requirements.
We professionally apply window tints to your commercial businesses’ glass and window surfaces to reduce solar infiltration, increase solar reflectivity, and increase safety and security. Ultraviolet light is also reduced. Our window films may be used with window dressings. However, the main advantage of our films is their ability to provide all of the protection of traditional curtains, shades, blinds, and other window coverings without obstructing your view. 3M™ Window Films offer many benefits.
  • Additional deterrence against break-ins and vandalism without unsightly bars
  • Increased comfort, year-round
  • Significant energy savings
  • Privacy without sacrificing natural light
  • Protect furnishings from fading
  • Decreased glare
High-End Looks at a
Fraction of the

The Etched, Cut, and Sandblasted Glass Look at a Fraction of the Price

3M™ Window Films offer a wide variety of attractive design options to enhance the appearance of your commercial windows to help attract long-term tenants. Spaces may be defined without a feeling of confinement and without sacrificing natural light. We enable you to produce high-end looks at a fraction of the price.
C-Thru Window Tinting is a certified installation provider of 3M™ Window Films, enabling you to enjoy warranty protection directly through 3M™ for your peace of mind. Window films professionally installed by C-Thru Window Tinting offer you options including a variety of attractive looks:
  • Etched glass
  • Cut glass
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Branded glass
  • Opaque privacy glass
  • Cast light up to 40 feet from the window (with 3M™ Daylight Reflecting Film)
  • Rice Paper